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What type of equipment do you have?

Comgraphx operates the finest and most advanced screen, flexo, and digital printing equipment, as well as in-house prepress equipment, cutters, serial number applicators, and offset printers designed to print on the liner (backing) of your decal. The company also features an in-house design group utilizing the latest in digital imaging, and a full-service fulfillment branch for warehousing and drop shipping.

I need car decals that won’t fade or crack. Where do I get started?

Screen-printing is your best option. The thickness of the ink and its ability to withstand all types of weather conditions will give you a longer-lasting decal. Also, consider using a polyester or vinyl. These base substrates also last longer under inclement conditions whereas paper, polypropylene and other materials will shrink, yellow, crack and curl over time. As one of the leading suppliers of decals in the automotive racing industry, Comgraphx will guide you through all of the options and provide the type of decal you’re looking for.

How much does printing cost?

The cost involved in printing promotional materials is based upon size, number of colors, substrate (base material) selection and quantity. Generally, cost savings can be found in running higher quantities. And, the experts at Comgraphx can help you determine the best size and number of colors to maximize your sheet size to get the most for your money.

How long does it take to complete a print job?

Turnaround time is dependent upon the complexity of the print job and press availability. Once the art proof is approved, your job is immediately scheduled for the next open press.

Should your needs require an even faster turnaround time, you have the option to select expedited service in which Comgraphx reviews all jobs for one that may be moved to accommodate your needs. Call your account executive or contact us for more information.

Can we send you art in jpeg (.jpg) format?

To provide you with the best quality print job, a high-resolution vector file such as Adobe Illustrator is required. If your art is built in Quark or other similar programs, we can convert your files. See our “Technical Specifications” sheet for more information or contact us.

Can you send me a price list?

Each print job is unique and price estimates are given based upon size, number of colors, quantity and substrate (base material). Comgraphx does not limit you to a particular size or shape decal. Instead, the company helps you find cost savings by listening to your needs and making recommendations. To obtain an estimate for your unique project, contact us today!

I do not have the original art for my print job. What can I do?

Comgraphx operates a full-service, in-house design studio for your convenience. We can create or redraw logos, and even reproduce your decal art. Design fees are competitive and turn time is lightning fast.

Will I see a proof before my job is printed?

Yes, you will receive a color PDF of your decal, label or sign artwork before printing.  A color PDF allows you to see color positioning (and is not exact as computer screens only approximate color). You can specify PMS colors, and the proof will detail the placement of the colors. Next steps? Sign and return your proof. We will then expedite your job.

How can I obtain credit with your company?

Fill out a credit application, available from your account executive (or from this website) and we will review your file to determine payment terms.

Where are you located?

Comgraphx is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which is a suburb of Tulsa and is centrally located within the continental US. The company’s central location is an added benefit for customers who require timely drop-shipments to points across the US.

Do you have standard dies in-house that customers can use?

For digital and screen-printed items, a die belongs to the customer who purchases it. This way, the die may be reused and reruled as necessary for that customer. Because the die edge is similar to a razor blade, after so many uses, the die must be reruled or replaced. For flexo-printed items, the die is a bit different and does not wear down. Therefore, once a flexo die has been purchased, any customer may use it. Your Comgraphx account executive has a complete listing of the dies and can help you choose the one that fits your need.

Do you make static cling stickers?

Yes, we do. We print on all types of substrates from static and vinyl to polyester, rigid plastics and more! The secret with clear static? Back your decal in white. That will keep your copy and design from being ‘see thru’ like a stained-glass window.