We are Different

We want your business and strive to earn your continued trust every single day. Comgraphx is one of the few providers in the industry that have a direct sales force and on site production, as well as dedicated customer service support for our lube customers.

A Passion for What We Do

Your project is in the hands of a trusted direct sales person from conception to delivery; they take complete ownership of your project. There is no handoff of your business to someone who doesn’t have all of the pieces. We believe in self-responsibility; from our President to our accounting department; we fully understand the importance of every project.

Our People Care About Your Success

On site production means we care about the success of your brand. We consistently produce marketing pieces that represent your brand with color correctness and strong graphics. Our production specialists are part of the team whose goal is to ensure the success of your campaign. We create your project on site because you’re our Customer and we want to ensure you receive the best product on time, every time.

What our customers say about us:

The A Team

Just spoke to Tori. Thank you for handing me off to the A team. I am honored. Seriously. She is a pro beyond words. Thank you!!!!

Robert Grantham
Director of Marketing and Product Management at Mathey Dearman, Inc.


Great Quality at a Fair Price

Communication Graphics provides great quality at a fair price. Their staff (Kelli F. and team) are a pleasure to work with. For these simple reasons, they are our go-to group to meet our specialty printing needs.

Fletcher Robins
Materials Manager

You guys rock!

I feel compelled to tell you this because I have had some recent dealings with vendors that are, well, less than acceptable, and it makes me want to let the ones doing their job know they are appreciated. You have been one of the easiest and stress free vendors I have had, and you and your predecessors that serviced my account have taken time and effort to put my history and items together to capitalize on your efficiency to serve me.

Companies and people like you are the reason people like me are able to succeed in what they choose to do for a living. I appreciate the always prompt replies and courteous service that is one step beyond anyone else who sells the same thing. What you do for me makes both our companies be better than the other shop.You guys Rock! And yes, even your billing department that take my money is way better…

Rebecca Brace