We are experts in helping universities reach alumni, donors & students.

We can help your school stand out in a crowded field. Comgraphx delivers long lasting, durable and high impact pieces to your student body, donors, and alumni. Our consultative approach combined with a creative graphics art team and the highest quality print production will deliver results.

Comgraphx has been a trusted partner to universities and colleges for over 40 years. We understand your goals and are eager to help you hit deadlines, deliver to specifications, and exceed expectations.

What we Bring to Universities and Colleges

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team of experts will partner with you, work to your specs, and will support you in working with your client to create a design that will make you a hero.

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We listen to your needs. Your account executive will help you select the type of printing method that is best for your application, and we will guide you through the world of options available to deliver the best printed product possible.

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Comgraphx consistently delivers high quality work by exercising tight control over every aspect of the printing process, assuring you of a job well done.