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customprinting 2Service Label Printing

We use only superior, fresh materials, bright long-lasting UV inks, and top quality flexo printing processes to deliver the best branded decals and service labels available anywhere. No long-term back orders, we carry a large inventory of in stock items.


Label Design

Design your own label with the help of our experienced graphic design staff. Our team of expert graphic designers is one of the best in the industry and will partner with you to create a design that delivers your message and generates excitement.

customprinting 4Label Printers & Thermal Printers

Our user friendly and reliable reminder label printing systems are guaranteed to provide professional printed labels that won’t fade or smear. We have the only label printing system specifically designed for the fast-lube industry.  Our printer formats allow  flexibility in messaging and cross-selling of services on labels.


Generic Labels

Choose from our ready to ship labels including: 76, AC Delco, Castrol, Chevron, Citgo, Exxon, Ford, GM, Honda, Jiffy Lube, Kendall, Mobil, Mopar, Motorcraft, Nissan, Pennzoil, Phillips 66, Quaker State, Shell, Sunoco, Toyota, and Valvoline.

label printer for stickers

Comgraphx generic labels are designed to be used in any of the following thermal printers: SmartPrint™, PennzPrint, Q-Print, ShellPrint, DelSol, Solus, Solus II, Sage Blaster, and Autodata Blaster.

Or, design your own custom label with the help of our experienced design staff, to fit ANY thermal printer. If you still prefer handwriting the date and mileage on the label, each decal includes an area that will accept ink or permanent marker.