What makes screen print stickers so special?

You’ve heard of screen printing, right? Maybe you ordered t-shirts for your small business or side-hobby? Chances are good those shirts were screen printed. Well, the same concept can be used to print stickers too!

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is an old-school print method where a squeegee is used to push ink through a mesh template, called a screen. That template is created from the design of the artwork and only allows ink to pass through in the exact spot to be printed. Each color of the design requires a different screen.

As a result, multi-color designs become labor intensive works of art.

Why is screen printing not as popular for stickers anymore?

Screen printing equipment is expensive. The process is labor-intensive. The setup costs are high. The type of supplies needed are cumbersome and feel out-dated. Simply put, there are easier ways to produce an acceptable product.

But, easy isn’t always better. That saying is absolutely true when talking about stickers and decals.

How did digital print stickers become so popular

Digital printing

On the lower end of the spectrum, digital print equipment is inexpensive and accessible to mom-and-pop shops and garage sticker makers. On the high end, this equipment has a print resolution and print speed that is astounding.

What gets lost in a digital print world?

Screen printing gives colors a richness that can’t be achieved any other way. The bold glossy colors and texture of the ink deposit are fascinating. Screening a print helps the images come to life.

Digital printing and screen printing can coexist