Benefits of Sticker Sheets

Sticker Sheet Benefits

Today’s consumer don’t just put stickers on their back window. They also put them on their laptops, on their Yeti cup, and on their notebooks. They are even showing up in some unexpected places. The benefits of sticker sheets are they allow you to print multiple size stickers that appeal to your customers. The best part is, every time they see your sticker, they think about ordering from you again and again.

Social Media Boost

Stickers are the original social media, but this sticker sheet offer can boost your social media presence as well. Here’s how! Use a small portion of your sticker sheet offer to hold a “Tag & Win” contest. Give away some of your excess inventory an watch your customers build your social media ranking at the same time.

The Back

Not printing on the back is like leaving prime real estate vacant! Use this valuable space to tout your company’s latest accomplishments, give special offers, use promo codes, tell customers about your return policy, give them warranty information, boost other social network platforms and more. You are only limited by your creativity so get creative!

The whole package

One sticker sheet is like an entire marketing platform if used correctly. You have the benefit of actual sticker marketing that will be seen again and again, talked about among friends and create brand ambassadors that sing your company’s praises. You get to boost your revenue because you’re increasing traffic with your Tag & Win promotion and getting rid of excess inventory at the same time. All of this is going on and you haven’t even decided how you are going to use the back of the sticker sheet offer!  The more sticker sheets you buy, the more the whole package works for you and the more money you save. These are just a few of the benefits of sticker sheets.

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