How Long Do Sticker Last?

How Long Stickers Last? There are several factors that go into how long stickers last in the sun and in the elements. I am going to talk about three factors. Let me show you how Comgraphx can help you get the most out of your sticker marketing projects.

Ink Quality

There are many different types of ink that can be used to print stickers. Comgraphx uses UV inks which are very strong and hold up to the fading effects from the sun. The amount of pigment in all ink types determine how long stickers last without fading. Printers using solvent based inks have a disadvantage because most of what makes up solvent based inks must evaporate for the ink to dry. UV inks cure when exposed to UV light and retain their structure, nothing evaporates leaving the ink to stay strong.

Material Quality

We can print on many different materials from chrome to vinyl and anything in between. The material your sticker is printed on has a lot to do with how long your decal will last. Obviously paper stickers will absorb moisture and flake off when exposed to the elements. If you want your sticker to hold up ask yourself, how long do I want my stickers to last before deciding on what material to use.

Printing Process

We use screen printing, flexographic printing and digital printing to print your stickers. All three of our printing processes use UV inks. Each process lays down different thicknesses of ink and therefore, provide different colorfast longevities. The thicker the ink deposit the more resistant to fading the ink will be. Flexographic printing lays down a very thin coat of ink allowing for higher line screens to be produced and high-fidelity print quality. Screen printing lays down the most ink providing the most longevity and digital printing is between the two in both fidelity of image and how long stickers last.


Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start with how long you need your stickers to last in the sun. Talking about materials can give you an idea of how inferior materials can save you money in the short run but may not be the best choice if you need durability. Finally, you don’t have to choose other printers because we provide the best of all three printing processes when it comes to printing your stickers. Check out our video on “How Long Stickers Last”.