How To Design Branding Stickers

Just like most things design related, creating a really good branding stickers aren’t quite as easy as you might think. The first thing we have to explore is the purpose behind a brand sticker so we can better understand how to design the sticker.

The Initial Purpose of Branding Stickers are to Draw Attention to Your Brand

Seems pretty obvious, huh? We’ll explore some ways that you can draw attention that fits with your brand’s message.

The Secondary Purpose is to Create Brand Loyalty and Repeat Purchases

A decal that grabs your attention, but doesn’t do an effective job of creating brand loyalty and ultimately leading to a purchase, isn’t a successful decal. Your design has to draw the user in

How Should You Design the Sticker?

Designing a sticker so it can be effective towards our top two goals above is what we’re trying to achieve. Each brand is unique in its brand message, so that plays a major role in determining whether this advice works for your brand.

Give Your Customers A Product They Want To Use

If your customers aren’t stoked to put your sticker on their gear… you have a problem with your sticker. You want your customers to be so excited when they receive your sticker they can’t wait to use it. A little change can make a big difference when it comes to giving them a great product. Let’s explore some of the major ones.

Use Spot Colors for Intense and Vibrant Colors

There’s something to be said for the saying, “less is more.” That message rings true for branding stickers, especially when your goal is to produce an effective sticker. Remember, the purpose of the sticker is to draw your current and prospective customers towards your brand that leads to a purchase. A simple 2 or 3 spot color sticker keeps the attention focused on your brand instead of being distracted with a crazy design.

Check out our post about spot color design for more tips on how to do the process effectively.

Sometimes Crazy Designs Can Be Effective For Your Brand

While a good general rule of thumb is to use simplicity in your designs, there are some brands that might fall outside of that traditional message. If that type of message works for your brand, by all means, use it!

Create an Interesting die-line for your die cut or kiss cut decal

My favorite designs almost always include some type of cool die cut. They create interest and intrigue. A well-done die cut can complement your art in the perfect way. This is the type of design technique that will help your stickers get noticed and used.

Print on the back (liner) to engage your customer

The liner or back of the sticker is wasted space unless it’s used in a creative way. We encourage nearly every customer who has a retail presence or sells a consumer product to use the backprint as a promotional tool for their store. Whether it’s a discount code for a repeat purchase or information about a social media platform, the back should be used for good!

Stickers are one of the best low-cost tools users can use to draw attention to your brand. When designed effectively,  quality branding stickers will have a very high usage rate. Because of the usage rate, the stickers will be used for many years to come.