Why You Should Use a Back Slit on Your Stickers

Back Slit stickers are sometimes referred to as crack and peel stickers. This finishing technique is a very common way to cut the backing of the sticker so it can be easily used by consumers. You should expect your sticker manufacturer to provide you with a back slit sticker.

crack and peel sticker
A back slit on your sticker helps your customers easily use the product.

What Does Back Slit Decal Mean?

A sticker is made up of 3 layers. The top layer is the sticker material and this is made from vinyl or polyester. The middle layer is the adhesive, and the bottom layer is a paper backing. The paper backing helps to protect the adhesive from dust and other particles so that it sticks well to the intended surface at the time of application.

With a back slit decal, the paper backing liner has been cut so that the sticker material and adhesive can quickly and easily be used. The term crack and peel sticker came from the literal use of cracking the sticker open and peeling off the liner.

Back Slit Stickers Have Been Around For Decades

Back slit stickers are not a new invention or method of creating great decals. This type of finishing technique has been around for many years. Sticker equipment makers have even created machines specifically geared towards slitting the back of a decal liner. Back slit stickers are a very common sticker manufacturing expectation.

Why Did Non-Back Slit Stickers Become Common?

With the rise of online digital sticker printers in the last 10 years, non-back slit stickers have entered the market at an alarming rate. Consumers will look at the stickers with confusion. Is this a sticker or a piece of thick paper? Should I use a piece of tape to stick it to my laptop?

Online sticker printers specialize in very low quantity work. As a result, their goal is to put as little time and energy into your project as possible. Online printers won’t guarantee accurate brand colors, and back slit stickers are way outside of their capabilities. If your decal manufacturer can’t provide you with a back slit sticker, you need to find a more qualified printing partner.

How Do You Make a Back Slit Label?

There are several different ways of cutting the liner to create a crack and peel backing. One of the most common is using a steel rule die to actually cut the paper. Another common way is using blades on a piece of machinery to slit the label’s liner.

One of the most critical elements of a back slit label is getting the proper depth so that you cut the paper but not the adhesive or label material. With the materials being so thin, this is very challenging!

Can You Specify The Location of The Split Back?

Yes, you can choose a very specific place for your back slit. There are several reasons why this would be very important. If your sticker is long and narrow (think: classic 3″ x 9″ bumper sticker), you would not want the slit to go horizontal to the sticker. For that style decal, we recommend a vertical slit placed towards the left or right side of the decal. This helps the end-user (your customer) easily apply the sticker!