Oil Change Stickers & Printers

Encourage your customers to return to your shop for future maintenance revenue with an oil change sticker and printer system. 

We offer a full range of stand-alone or system-integrated printer options and supporting labels to give your shop a professional and consistent look that’s expected in the marketplace. 

Why Should I use an Oil Change Sticker Printer?

Using an oil change sticker printer is common-place in the fast-lube industry. Some shops have been slow to convert, and as a result, they are losing out on opportunities to create long-term customers.



Here’s out top list of reasons to use an oil change printer system:

  1. Do your mechanics have really good handwriting? We didn’t think so.
  2. Each touch-point with a customer is an opportunity to impress turn away future business. Give them a sticker that makes your shop look as good as your oil change service. 
  3. Use the printer’s custom programming to offer incentives to encourage repeat traffic.
  4. The brand recognition opportunity through a custom logo on a single-sided or double-sided label is the best thing you can give your customers.