Product Labels

Product stickers and labels are designed to go on your products and give your brand the look it needs to grab consumer attention.

These labels come on a roll for easy application and storage. Explore the various types of product labels and discover which one is right for your brand.

Which Material is Best for Product Labels?

The best material for your label is largely dependent on the type of product you sell and what look you want for your product. Paper labels make for great box labels, but won’t hold up well if used as a hazardous chemical drum label. We can help you pick the best material.

 Here’s a few thoughts to consider: 

  1. What types of elements will it be exposed to and how long do you expect it to last?
  2. What about gloss level and the finished look? Each material has a slightly different look and this can be altered further through laminates and varnishes.  
  3. Don’t forget about the adhesive! Don’t frustrated your customers with a removable label that leaves sticky residue behind!