Godex RT200i Oil Change Sticker Printer

The Godex RT200i is one of the newest additions to the service reminder printer portfolio. This printer is widely loved for its inexpensive startup cost of ease of use.

The Godex printer comes standard with several customization options to give your shop the flexibility to custom message customers. 


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The Godex oil label printer works perfectly as a stand-alone system or as part of an integrated MIS system. This printer comes standard with a keypad, roll of labels, and an ink ribbon. With this setup you’ll be able to quickly and easily print labels as soon as you open the package. 

The Godex printer works with low-tac adhesive vinyl labels or traditional static cling stickers. Choose your preferred material based on your customer needs or preferences. 

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Is The Godex RT200i Right For Your Shop?

We think it’s important to go through each of the elements of good vs. bad, so we can establish a set of principles when determining what makes for a good sticker. Here’s the four basic elements to consider:

  1. Does the sticker look good, and was it printed correctly?
  2. Is the design effective for its intended purpose?
  3. How is the sticker being used, and do the materials, ink, and print process makes sense for the intended usage?
  4. Will the sticker look good several years from now?