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Add Some Bling To Your Windows With Static Clings

Static cling decals stick to smooth glass surfaces without the use of sticky adhesive. Clear static cling material is perfect for stickers that go on the inside of a window and face outward.

Use static cling stickers as a giveaway for joining the university alumni association or as a retail store authorized dealer sticker. 


Features Of Static Cling Stickers

Custom outdoor stickers come complete with all of the wonderful features you expect in quality stickers. You can confidently order knowing your branding stickers will look great and impress your customers!


Clings to glass without adhesive

No messy cleanups necessary with static clings. These stickers use surface tension to stick to clean and smooth glass. 


Perfectly cut to your desired shape.

Our static stickers come with a cut-to-shape look. Dream big and get perfectly cut stickers. 


Backed in white ink

Backing your statics in white ink allows the colors to POP on the final product. Without white, the stickers would be transparent. 


Optional face-down printing, for inside use

Static clings stick best to the inside of windows, facing outwards. Therefore, they can be printed in reverse.

Helpful Tips For Designing Static Cling Stickers

Static cling decals are made to go on the inside of the window, in most cases. It’s important to keep this in mind when designing the sticker. Here’s a few other tips to incorporate into your designs.

Design with vibrant colors!

Static cling stickers are typically viewed through a piece of glass. Because of this, they have the most POP when vibrant colors are used. 

Design statics with a clear border.

A clear border keeps your stickers from falling off the window for the longest period of time. 

FAQ’s For Static Clings

How long do static clings last?

Static cling stickers will last up to 1 year when used on interior glass.

There is no adhesive on static stickers and environmental factors such as temperature and condensation can affect their “cling-ability.”

Are static clings printed on white or clear material?

Our static clings are printed on a clear static cling vinyl.

This material is optically clear. We back-print all static clings in white ink to help them look great in your windows!

Do static cling stickers come with a back-slit (split backing)?

Static clings do not come with a slit backing. Because there is no adhesive used in this stickers, the split backing is a good way for dust particles to get trapped on the material. That would cause the stickers to not stick as well!

Can you print my statics in non-reverse mode (regular printing)?

We would be happy to accommodate this request! Simply let us know at time of order. 

Looking For Something More Custom?

Our wholesale B2B team can help you with your complex sticker project! Fill out the form below and one of our account executive will contact you within 24 hours. Or feel free to contact us at (918) 258-6502 or hello@comgraphx.com.

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