Counter Mats

Counter mats are displayed at the register or checkout counter and grab consumer’s attention at the point of sale. Because the customer is waiting for the transaction to complete, the counter mat is a great way to market to a captive audience.


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Counter mats are made of a durable and textured surface material to keep them from scratching, denting, or tearing after repeat use. 

Backed with a rubber or adhesive backing, they will give your brand an opportunity to make an impression at the checkout counter.

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What Info Should I put on a Counter Mat?

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Retail counter mats have a few different purposes depending on your brand, the product you are trying to sell, and the stores where your mats are displayed. We have a few ideas of ways to use counter mats for your brand:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. New product announcement
  3. Detailed product comparison
  4. Monthly, quarterly, or seasonal promotion.