Retail Counter Mats

Retail counter mats are displayed at the register or checkout counter and grab consumer’s attention at the point of sale. Because the customer is waiting for the transaction to complete, the counter mat is a great way to market to a captive audience.

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Standard Features of Retail Counter Mats


Durable surface to protect the graphics

The matte textured top layer protects your print against scratching, denting or water damage. Perfect for holding up to daily use.


Backed with a non-slip rubber backing

Our thick black backing ensures your promotional counter mat will stay in place and hold up to wear and tear.


Rounded corners for a high-end look

Rounded corners give your personalized counter mats an elegant look and stand out at the point of sale.


Beautiful full color printing

Eye-catching graphics grab your customer's attention. Design your counter advertisements without any limitations.

Content Ideas For Effective Counter Mats

Retail counter mats can be used in many different ways to promote your brand, services, or product. Many companies order counter mats in multiple designs to take advantage of the various content styles.

General brand awareness

New product annoucement

Detailed product comparison.

Monthly, quarterly, or seasonal promotion.

FAQ's for Advertising Mats

Our most popular size counter mats are 13″ x 19″ and 16″ x 20″.

We can produce your counter mats in any size you wish. It’s always a good idea to size your counter mats according to the scale of the counter where they will be used. Small spaces will be overwhelmed by a super-sized counter mat!

These counter mats are permanently enclosed along the edges and therefore can not be changed at a later date.

We custom produce almost any variation of our popular online products through our wholesale B2B team, including a window style counter mat. This product allows for stores to insert new advertisements and sales promotions on a periodic basis. Feel free to reach out to our wholesale team for a custom quote!

These counter mats are produced in a square or rectangle shape with a .5″ radius corner.

We also offer special shape die cut counter mats through our custom design wholesale B2B team. Contact us with your idea and we will prepare a custom quote for your project!

We offer many different variations of our popular online counter mats through our wholesale team. Contact our team at for a custom quote on your project. 

Looking For Something More Custom?

Our wholesale B2B team can help you with your complex counter advertising project! Fill out the form below and one of our account executive will contact you within 24 hours. Or feel free to contact us at (918) 258-6502 or

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