Double-Sided Stickers

Double-sided stickers give you the ability to advertise from the inside and outside of the window at the same time. These stickers are printed on the front and back of the sticker with an opaque middle layer to keep the designs from conflicting.

Double-sided stickers are sometimes referred to as push-pull stickers because they are often used on retail entryway doors, indicating which direction the door opens.


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With custom push-pull door stickers you can catch a potential customer’s attention twice during an impression – coming into the store and leaving the store. These custom stickers will always be printed with an opaque middle layer, meaning the opposite side will not interfere with the viewing side.

Because these stickers can be used on the inside or outside of a window, they offer maximum flexibility based on your individual store or brand’s needs. 

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What is the best way to use double-sided stickers?

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Two-sided decals or custom push pull door stickers are a specialized custom sticker that carries a lot of advertisement weight on store doors and windows. When designed and printed properly, they have a vibrant and professional look. 

Here’s our best suggestion on how to use double-sided stickers:

  1. Authorized dealer and authorized retailer decals are perfect for store fronts and alert customers to the specific brands that can be purchased inside the store. 
  2. Entry way door decals, sometimes called door strikes, are placed on the retail store door right above or below the door handle. 
  3. Security system decals are often created using a double-sided material for maximum effectiveness.