Square Stickers

Square stickers are the most cost-effective outdoor product because of the straight cut nature of the product. These stickers come standard with a back slit for easy peeling.

Combine your square or rectangle sticker with an interesting design to make use of this inexpensive decal option. 


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Square cut stickers look great on almost any surface. Printed on high quality, ultra durable vinyls these will hold up in the harshest conditions. 

We offer multiple finishes to provide you with the perfect finish to represent your brand!

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How To Make Square Stickers Interesting

square sticker on a surfboard

Square stickers are great because they allow you to get a high quantity of branded stickers for a low cost. These simple stickers can be very interesting when designed well. We have a few tips to help you make your square stickers impactful. 

  1. Add a colorful border around your logo or design. This keeps the sticker from being a boring white sticker
  2. Reverse your logo out of a background color. 
  3. Do color change-outs using the same design! You can do a 1 color design in several different color versions to keep things interesting.