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Die cut stickers are custom printed with your artwork and carefully cut to shape. Perfect for long-term outdoor use! Choose matte or gloss laminate. Die cut refers to the the style of cut around the sticker design. Sometimes called cut-to-shape stickers or through-cut stickers, they are the most popular style of outdoor stickers. Made from the same material as kiss cut stickers and square stickers, die cut stickers have a unique shape that makes them eye-catching and attractive.

Ordering die cut stickers is easy. Simply choose your size and quantity and add the product to the cart. After checkout, submit your artwork to our design team. We will send you a free online proof within 24 hours for your final approval. Once approved, production takes 4-5 days. Your stickers will ship for free with standard ground shipping.

Custom Die Cut Stickers Made For The Outdoors

Our stickers are made to go on nearly any smooth surface. The adhesive is strong enough to stick, but won’t leave messy residue. Die cut stickers are made from a thick white vinyl material and will last for several years in the harshest environments. These stickers are perfect for everyday use.


Features Of Die Cut Stickers

Our custom die cut stickers will impress your customers because of the thick vinyl and beautiful printing. Combine this with an easy-to-remove back-slit and these stickers are the perfect way to advertise your store. Confidently order knowing your branding stickers will look great and impress your customers!


Perfectly cut to your desired shape.

Your stickers are unique to your brand with custom die cut shapes. Give your stickers an upgraded look by following the contours of your design.


Split backing paper for easy peel.

A scored back makes peeling the paper backer a breeze. No more hassle picking at the edges to apply your stickers.


Matte laminate for high-end look

The laminate adds an extra layer of protection on top of the heavy-duty UV outdoor inks. Matte laminate comes standard, but a gloss laminate is available upon request.

How To Design The Perfect Die Cut Sticker

Die cut stickers are the most popular style of marketing stickers because of their versatility. The cut-to-shape look allows for more interesting designs. Our team is more than happy to add a cut line to your design during the proofing process.

comgraphx branding stickers

Design the custom cut to enhance the artwork

Following the shape of your artwork with a cut line is a great way to make your stickers more interesting.

Keep cut lines simple and flowing.

Using simple cut lines with rounded elements makes die cut stickers easier to peel and apply. All die cut stickers come with a slit back to make it fool proof to get a good sticker slap on your gear.

Give your custom die cut stickers breathing room with a “safe zone.”

We recommend using a 1/8″ safety zone between important elements in your design and the outside cut path. This gives your design room to breath and ensures a perfect cut!

FAQ’s For Custom Die Cut Stickers

How long do custom die cut stickers last?

Most of our die cut stickers last 3-5 years depending on how the sticker is being used.

The stickers are made from a premium outdoor vinyl material and laminated with a thick vinyl laminate. The UV outdoor ink is made from automotive grade paint pigments, which means it won’t fade in the sun for several years.

Will the adhesive on the stickers damage my stuff?

Our standard adhesives are made from a general purpose, semi-permanent adhesive. That means it’s strong enough to stick to most surfaces, but won’t cause damage when it’s time to be removed. The most common places our stickers are used are windows, laptops, water bottles, coolers, fridges, and tool boxes.

If you have a question  about a certain surface, reach out to our customer service team! hello@comgraphx.com

Do you offer die cut stickers in clear material?

Yes! Our custom printed clear stickers are die cut to your custom shape for no additional charge.

What file types do you accept for artwork?

Generally speaking vector artwork will produce the best quality logo sticker, and high-quality JPG’s for photo quality stickers. However, there are exceptions and our in-house art department will be happy to help you with your file if needed!

For more information check out our Artwork & File Prep page

Can you help me add a die cut shape to my stickers?

Yes! Our design team can easily add a die cut pattern to your design before printing.

Once you submit your artwork, we will give you a free online proof so you can confirm the design and cut line before production.

What is the difference between matte and gloss laminate?

While both laminates offer great additional protection from the elements and scratches a matte finish offers a smooth, non-glossy surface that gives your sticker art a unique look. While the gloss laminate offers a photo-quality finish that makes graphics pop and text sharper, while providing a sleek, shiny finish.

Want to see what each laminate looks like in person? Check out our sticker sample packs.

Are there any colors I should avoid for my die cut stickers?

Nope! Go crazy! Our industry leading printers print your stickers in beautiful UV resistant full-color inks. Meaning not only will your custom die cut stickers look AMAZING they will also hold up to the elements better than traditional printers that rely on just laminates to protect from the elements.

What’s the largest quantity of die cut stickers I can order?

If you’re looking for large quantities of stickers you’ve come to the right company! Unlike other online sticker printers our B2B Wholesale program is set up specifically to handle bulk orders of stickers (seriously, we print millions of stickers each day for some of the largest brands in the United States)

If you’re interested in pricing bulk quantities of stickers please reach out on our B2B Wholesale page and we will be happy to provide with a quote on your sticker project!

Can you print on the back of my die cut stickers?

Yes we can! Check out our Back Print Stickers page. Similar to the die cut stickers on this page, our back printed stickers can be ordered with gloss or matte laminate, and perfectly cut to shape, but feature a special printable liner where you can add more information about your product or brand.

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