Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers give your design the “no label” look by removing all excess material from the design. They are great as high-end product labels or retailing in your online store.

A transfer laminate is used to keep all elements of the sticker in place, allowing for easy application. 


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Generically referred to as die cut decals, thermal decals, premask stickers, or pro cut decals, these stickers come in many different colors and styles of vinyl depending on the application. White and black transfer decals are the most popular colors.

These stickers are carefully cut to shape and laminated with a temporary application tape, making it super easy to apply. The premask stickers give your brand a super high end look and last outdoors for years.

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How To Make Money With Your Transfer Stickers

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Thermal transfer decals are a high-end style of sticker because of their closely cut look, with the excess vinyl removed by hand. When applied to an OEM product, they add a quality finishing touch unlike a regular sticker or decal.

Due to the high-end nature of the sticker, they can be a very expensive give-away. We recommend using a less expensive sticker for your mass quantity branding stickers and focusing your transfer decals as a profit center for your brand.

Consider the following ways to use your transfer stickers as a money making, yet effective branding tool for your business:

  1. Sell transfer stickers on your website or in your stores.
  2. Offer an exclusive member program complete with a yearly transfer sticker available only to your paying members.
  3. Use the many available color vinyl options to create your brand logo out of numerous different colors. These limited edition options will entice your best customers to purchase the decals.