Backprint Stickers

The sticker backing paper is the perfect place to advertise a brand promotion or communicate important company information to your customers. Create an interesting way to engage your customers with this free advertising space.

Backprint stickers are carefully slit in a place that won’t deter from your company’s information.

backprint stickers

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Encourage return customers

Stickers are a cost effective way to thank your customers for their purchase and give them a tool to love your brand. Include a sticker with every purchase you send out of your warehouse!

Sticker marketing is one of the original forms of gorilla marketing tactics because of it’s low cost of entry and high visibility. Your customers will use stickers as a referral tool to tell friends and family about your brand. 

Take advantage of the marketing power of stickers by giving your customers a unique and cool way to rep your company. 

backprint stickers
backprint stickers
backprint stickers

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