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The sticker backing paper is the perfect place to advertise a brand promotion or communicate important company information to your customers. Create an interesting way to engage your customers with this free advertising space.

Back print stickers are carefully slit in a place that won’t deter from your company’s information.

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Use the back to your advantage!

Stickers with back printing are a cost effective way to thank your customers for their purchase and give them a tool to love your brand. Include a sticker with every purchase you send out of your warehouse!

Sticker marketing is one of the original forms of gorilla marketing tactics because of it’s low cost of entry and high visibility. Your customers will use stickers as a referral tool to tell friends and family about your brand. 

Take advantage of the marketing power of stickers by giving your customers a unique and cool way to rep your company. 

FAQ's for Back Printed Stickers

We can print just about anything on the back of your stickers! With that in mind, we have a few recommendations:

  1. It’s best to focus the back of your stickers on text, offer codes, QR codes, etc. Keep it simple so the message doesn’t get lost. 
  2. Refrain from using full bleed artwork. Less is more on the back. 
  3. Feel free to use 4cp colors and designs! Whatever looks best for your brand. 
  4. Don’t forget to include contact info, social media info, etc!

Yes, of course! The back slit is very important from a usability standpoint and we would never eliminate it from this products. 

Our team will analyze your artwork and determine the lease intrusive place for a slit. This spot will be communicated to your through the proofing process. Feel free to leave us a comment with your feedback!

Most of our outdoor stickers last 3-5 years depending on how the sticker is being used.

The stickers are made from a premium outdoor vinyl material and laminated with a thick vinyl laminate. The UV outdoor ink is made from automotive grade paint pigments, which means it won’t fade in the sun for several years. 

Yes! We color match all day long for our wholesale customers. 

Our online custom printed stickers are printed on a UV digital press, which is made up of CMYK ink. Please know that CMYK is not as exact as spot color screen printing. If you are interested in screen printing, our wholesale team would love to talk!

Our standard adhesives are made from a general purpose, semi-permanent adhesive. That means it’s strong enough to stick to most surfaces, but won’t cause damage when it’s time to be removed. The most common places our stickers are used are windows, laptops, water bottles, coolers, fridges, and tool boxes. 

If you have a question  about a certain surface, reach out to our customer service team!

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