Contingency Stickers

If you’ve ever seen a NASCAR, NHRA, Formula 1, or even a Monster Truck race, you’ll notice that while all these vehicles couldn’t be more different mechanically, they all share one cosmetic feature. And that’s their large, brightly colored contingency decals.

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More than just a sticker

Contingency stickers have more meaning than the average window sticker on a family’s mini van. These decals represent a sponsorship from specific companies that usually agree to provide the racing team with money or parts in exchange for for their logo to be displayed on the vehicle during the race.

Typically sponsorship stickers are strategically placed around the car where they best represent the parts that company manufactures. Other times they will be placed in highly visible areas to increase brand awareness.

We recognize these race car stickers are usually limited to a specific size and construction designated by the racing organization and will custom tailor your square cut stickers, die cut stickers, or transfer stickers to fall within these guidelines. 

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